About Us

A word from the founders

We established ZGuy Software Solutions to develop high quality software that fulfils your vision. Offering quality business websites and apps for web, mobile and desktop.

We are based in Wollongong, NSW Australia, however we are happy to work with anyone anywhere in the world. Unlike our competitors, we will partner with you to ensure you get a real business benefit from your solution. Because we use only Australian developers we are providing opportunities for locals.

You can benefit from our extensive experience in the IT industry from hands-on software development through to software architecture and project management. Because of this breadth of knowledge and experience, ZGuy is the ideal partner for your project.

Whether your goal is to improve the efficiency of your business through the magic of mobile technology or to create a disruptive new technology, we can partner with you to achieve your goals.

Contact us to talk about refining your vision to ensure you can get real benefits from implementing your ideas in the most cost effective fashion.

We look forward to bringing a team together to bring your vision into reality.

Andrew and Debbie Zahra

Why choose us

At ZGuy we take pride in providing solutions that fit your business need and budget. Because we want to partner with you to ensure you get real benefits that bring your vision into reality.


  • Wollongong based business
  • Only Australian developers
  • Extensive IT Industry Experience
  • Our goal is to help you achieve your goals
  • We can implement your ideas

About the founders

Debbie Zahra

Co-founder, Director, Secretary

Email: debbie@zguy.com

I specialise in professional website development. I also enjoy software testing on multiple platforms.

My skills also include professional administrative support offering versatile computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office and Mac software.

I am a problem solver who readily adapts to change, works independently and exceeds expectations.

I am able to juggle multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

Andrew Zahra

Co-founder, Director, CEO

Email: andrew@zguy.com

Experienced Technical Leader

Extensive backend Java experience. Native iOS and Android mobile application development experience. Wide variety of software development experience across a range of industries including real estate, telecommunications, transport and manufacturing.

Roles include software developer, architect, Scrum master, product development manager and a variety of technical leadership roles with a mix of internal and customer facing interactions. Private and government clients.

Ongoing interest in learning and harnessing the benefits of new technologies such as cloud services, server side JavaScript, new generation front end frameworks and DevOps.

About the staff



If there are two things I really enjoy, they are problem solving and learning. These two passions intersect nicely in the world of software development.Four years professional experience across a variety of software projects: iOS and Android mobile apps, cross-platform desktop applications, full-stack web development.

Particular interest in adopting best practises to deliver quality solutions, from CI/CD and automated testing through to infrastructure-as-code and cloud services, such as AWS.

Outside the office, you’d likely find me listening or making music, outside playing soccer or building another app – just for fun!


Marketing & Operations Officer

I enjoy competition, solving problems and creative design.
My work background is mainly in Tech infrastructure installation and support both in person and online alongside work in graphic design and UI design.
I have graduated from the university of Wollongong with 2 bachelors degrees;
Media & Communications – Digital Media
Commerce – Marketing.
Outside of work and study I actively compete in Judo and enjoy a good gaming session with friends.



I’m an experienced software engineer with a focus on backend development and design. I particularly enjoy designing systems to meet customer needs as efficiently as possible.I’ve had six years of industry experience, which included five years in leadership roles.

I’m particularly experienced with Java and am familiar with PHP, Javascript, C++ and C#. I also have extensive experience managing resources, deadlines and schedules.

Outside of work I enjoy reading and writing fiction.



I get a kick out of building things that other people can find useful. That’s why I enjoy working as a software developer at ZGuy.

I started my software developer career working on frontend applications, using Javascript and various Javascript frameworks. It wasn’t long, however, before I had to start working on backend application and devops, and I’m now also comfortable working with Node and Java on backend apps, and with Docker and AWS to get apps deployed.

If I’m not in front of a computer, you’ll most likely find me playing indie tabletop roleplaying games somewhere.



As a software developer at ZGuy, I love the fact that I have the tools and knowledge to build almost anything, limited only by my imagination.

I’ve been lucky to work on several exciting projects, developing software for both mobile and the web. In doing so, I’ve used a wide range of technologies, including Dart, Flutter, Serverpod, TypeScript, React Native, and NestJS.

I am passionate about self-improvement and I am privileged to work with incredibly talented developers whose expertise and mentorship inspire me to grow and learn every day.

I also have a keen interest in automation and machine learning, and outside of the office, you’ll likely find me exploring these subjects more deeply.



I’m a seasoned Software Engineer with an extensive track record in various industries.

My professional passion is centered around creating and deploying comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) web applications, leading projects from the idea stage all the way to successful monetisation. With expertise in conversion optimisation. I am a specialist in transforming user analytics into strategic initiatives that markedly boost user interaction and revenue for SaaS web applications.

Beyond professional pursuits, I am an avid outdoors enthusiast. Away from the screens and code, my escape is navigating through forests on a mountain bike, discovering new trails, or indulging in hiking and rucking adventures.



I have a passion for problem-solving and making things work more efficiently, which is why I enjoy the challenge of programming.

I am currently studying for a degree in Computer Science at Charles Sturt University, and have worked on projects in a variety of programming languages, My favourites include C, Rust, Lua, and Python. My focus at ZGuy at the moment is in Dart and Flutter, creating frontend user interfaces.

Development Partnerships


As well as our regular staff, we use a variety of highly skilled Australian contract software engineers with extensive knowledge in a variety of backgrounds. Because of this we can provide the perfect person to complement your project.

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